The Affiliate Reward Plan

As a Voice Dialogue Online Affiliate you will earn 15% commission whenever a member of your community signs up for the Program.

To make it easy for you to share information with your network we have a range of promotional materials that you will be able to access in the Affiliate Resource Center. We will also provide you with three e-shots (promotional emails) that we will ask you to send out in the weeks leading up to the start of each program.

Once you have registered as an Affiliate you’ll have access to your own private page in the Affiliates Resource Center. Embedded in all the materials on your page will be a unique Affiliate number, so that every time someone from your network comes to the VDO website and registers for the Program you will earn 15% commission on the full fee. Your commission will automatically show up on your commission summary every time you log in to your private affiliate page.


In order to encourage members of your community to register using your unique Affiliate number, all participants that register at any time until 2 weeks before the Program using that number will get a 10% discount on the Program fee.

As an Affiliate you will earn 15% commission on the full program fee of £295 (click to view the latest exchange rate).

Each Program will be limited to a maximum of 70 people.

Commission will be paid 21 days after registration closes on each Program.

We will be running the Program four times a year. Once you have registered as an affiliate, you will be eligible to promote and earn commission on each Program we run.

Promotional Materials

The promotional material includes:

  • Banner graphics - supplied as a 600 pixel wide jpeg
  • Suggested text for twitter
  • Short and long descriptors of the Program for use on other social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Q & A for radio interviews (including bios of John and Michael), etc.
  • E-shots (promotional emails)
  • Access to additional information including:
    • A 29 page e-book "The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue" written by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone
    • Archived interviews on YouTube

How to Register

To register as an Affiliate and earn 15% commission every time someone in your network signs up click the orange button