The 7-week Program in detail

Week 1: Who do you think you are?

Each of us is made up of many different “selves” or parts. In this first week we will focus on the more dominant parts of your personality, and discover an amazing system of selves that protects us and keeps us safe in the world. This week’s exercises will help you identify who these selves are, where they come from, and how they influence all the choices you make. Getting to know your more dominant selves will enable you to:

   - Understand what’s stopping you from doing things you really want to do
   - Expand your options and make new choices
   - Manage stress and change effectively

Week 2: Out of the shadows

For every dominant self that we identify with there is another that gets hidden away in the shadows. This week we will invite some of your buried selves to step into the light. The exercises will enable you to make friends safely with the “darker sides” of your personality and appreciate the gifts they bring. You will discover how these selves can enhance your life and bring you new and creative ways to deal with life’s challenges. This week will enable you to:

   - Understand why certain people push your buttons
   - Use your judgments to gain a deeper understanding of who you really are
   - Access untapped sources of energy and creativity

Week 3: Inner Critic - friend or foe?

Although it doesn’t feel like it, the critical inner voice that constantly reminds us of what we should look like, how we should behave, and what we should think and say, is actually trying to protect us. Our Inner Critic simply wants us to follow the rules laid down by our family, society and culture. Befriending your Inner Critic will help you to distinguish between the rules that have been imposed on you from the outside and those that are meaningful to you personally. This will enable you to:

   - Increase your confidence and self-esteem
   - Be more resilient in the face of criticism and judgment
   - Achieve inner peace and calm

Week 4: The Choice Point

How might it be to stand between your many selves and be able to listen objectively to their conflicting voices? This week we will explore ‘The Choice Point’, a place in the middle where we get to embrace opposing selves and have real choice. Using the exercises you will learn how to stand between your many selves and discover a place of balance and authority from which to make more considered choices in all areas of life. This will enable you to:

   - Deal easily and effectively with everyday pressures
   - Find creative solutions to life’s dilemmas
   - Make full use of the talents of your many varied selves

Week 5: Goodbye to the blame game

Week 5 redefines relationship as teacher, healer and guide. We will introduce a relationship model that will help you to understand the roots of conflict and how to break recurring patterns of behaviour. You will discover how to create loving ‘no fault’ relationships in which you can communicate your needs, hopes and fears in a more open and honest way. Working through the exercises will enable you to:

   - Resolve conflict and disagreement quickly
   - Deepen connection with family and friends
   - Express yourself more freely in your intimate relationships

Week 6: Messages from the unconscious

Our unconscious is relentless in its wish for us to be emotionally and physically in balance. This week we will explore the different ways the unconscious ‘knocks on our door’. Working with dreams, fantasies and physical symptoms, you will find out how to access and interpret the messages it sends. Having the unconscious as a guide will help you:

   - Respond more sensitively to your body’s needs
   - Maintain equilibrium in the face of life’s challenges
   - Access a constant source of inner wisdom

Week 7: Team “You”

In week 7 we’ll take a look at ‘Team You’. We will create an action plan that will enable you to harness the talents of your many and diverse selves. You will learn how to strengthen the Choice Point so that you become the inner CEO of your own formidable team. By the end of week 7 you’ll have the tools to:

   - Develop ever deeper insights and ‘selves’ awareness
   - Communicate with greater confidence and authority
   - Live a richer, more fulfilled life

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Personal letter from John Kent – creator of The Voice Dialogue Online Program

I first came across Voice Dialogue in 1988 while I was living in Tucson, Arizona. Stung by the failure of yet another relationship, I had embarked on a process of self-examination. I had tried everything from psychodrama to rebirthing, holotropic breathwork to regular counselling. Although each new modality had given me more knowledge about myself, I still felt stuck in my old patterns of behaviour.

I had begun to grow weary of all this “navel gazing”, so when a friend told me enthusiastically about a new method called Voice Dialogue, part of me was resistant to finding out more. However, I was persuaded to go to a demonstration where I watched with some scepticism as the facilitator interviewed different parts of her volunteer client as if they were separate people. I was a management trainer and this looked suspiciously like role-play to me. But there was something about the process that intrigued me and I decided to book a session and try it for myself.

So began my journey of selves-discovery! Over the years I have met many  members of my inner family, often with opposing opinions of what I should or shouldn’t be doing, saying, thinking or feeling. Getting to know them has given me new choices and empowered me in both my personal and professional life. Through Voice Dialogue I have transformed and deepened my relationships, significantly enhanced my sense of self-worth and found new solutions to life’s challenges.

The Voice Dialogue Online Program offers a comprehensive guide on how to use Voice Dialogue in everyday life. It will introduce participants to their many selves and allow them to reap the amazing benefits of this simple yet profound process.

I invite you to become a Voice Dialogue Online Affiliate and I look forward to members of your community joining me on a remarkable journey of insight and understanding.