Thank you so much for creating this online Voice Dialogue Program.  At first I was a bit sceptical at the thought of attending an e-learning program of this type but it has exceeded all my expectations and has been absolutely brilliant! I have been involved with Voice Dialogue for a while now and I feel it is a very professional program. In my opinion both newcomers and people with previous experience with Voice Dialogue will benefit a lot from this. I certainly did! I highly recommend this program! Many thanks John and Michael.
Pia Lindgren, Psychosomatic Therapist, Sydney, Australia

I cannot recommend John Kent and Michael Zimmerman’s Voice Dialogue workshops highly enough. I attend them regularly, and have gained valuable insights and techniques which I find useful throughout my life. John Kent is the real thing, having trained with Hal and Sidra Stone, he brings his authentic, first hand knowledge and understanding of the Voice Dialogue process to his teaching. My experience of attending John’s Voice Dialogue workshops has been excellent. He creates a safe and supportive environment in which to undertake the Voice Dialogue practice.
Sarah Robertson, Lecturer, UK

The Voice Dialogue Online Program is a very dynamic communication tool. It has taught me that there are many more than two sides to every story. There are multi-dimentional aspects to every conversation and thought we have. Voice Dialogue has helped me to recognize and name those parts of myself that are speaking up, shutting me down or elbowing me in the stomach. It is a compassionate concept of acceptance and self actualization. The program is artfully composed and very easy to navigate. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity for this guidance.
Mary Landenberger, Human Resource Manager, New York, USA

Well, today I saw just how much I have learned from John and Michael in a professional context. Thanks to you guys I'm finding that I can work much more confidently now and with a real sense of what I am doing.
Helena Weaver, EFT Practiioner and Trainer, UK

After six sessions from a skilled facilitator, I knew the value of dialoguing with the orchestra of Selves which animate our progress through life. This course equipped me with the invaluable skills required to conduct this orchestra myself. Nowadays whenever I feel upset, stuck, bored or conflicted, I remember to take the time to invoke, hear and reconcile the qualities and needs of my varied Selves. I use one of the written dialoguing formats provided by the course. Better still, I work through one of their audio dialogue protocols on my MP3 player. This is next door to having an instant session with a facilitator, though the latter is also available as a backup, since both John and Michael offer on-line sessions.
Sue Baker, Psychologist, Devon, UK

John and Michael did a really good job in engaging me with the content and made it understandable and easy to grasp. I find Voice Dialogue a wonderful model to work with. I recommend this to anybody interested in developing their awareness and assisting others in doing so as well.
Lenita van Hoff, Social Worker, UK

John, together with Michael Zimmerman, brought the process to life with both theory and practice combined. I found their sincere and sensitive approach to teaching most inspiring.
Nigel Rustin, Entrepreneur and Businessman, UK

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to enrich their lives. When I signed up for this course, I didn't know what to expect. I was having problems with my critic harassing me all the time - I called him my “Demon”. Now I have embraced many of my different selves and it has worked wonders for me. I'm grateful to John and Michael for what I have learned on the Voice Dialogue Online Program.
Mark Ouellette, self-employed, auto repair business Peabody, Ma., USA

The way John and Michael worked was inspirational. I feel like I have been given a precious gift that will last me for the rest of my life.
Frances Mills, wife and mother, UK

Many thanks for putting on this online course. I much appreciated both the content and the format. You managed to put together such a huge amount of material in such a clear and very “accessible” way. Bravo! It was very stimulating and enriching, both on the personal and professional level. I will definitely let people around me know about your course and wish you an “explosive” success with it! Thank you again!
Anna-Maria, Therapist, Coach and Painter, Switzerland