Welcome to the Voice Dialogue Online Program:
An exciting journey of selves discovery

How would you like to ...

- Break repetitive patterns of self-sabotaging behaviour?
- Express yourselves more freely in your intimate relationships?
- Communicate more effectively at home and at work?
- Enhance your confidence and self-esteem?
- Support your physical and emotional wellbeing?
- Access untapped sources of energy and creativity?

    On this web-based program you will learn a simple, safe and powerful tool called Voice Dialogue that will enable you to deal with the issues that cause you disruption and stress. The result is clearer and more considered choices in all areas of your life.

    Basic Program

    The 7 modules of this unique e-learning program have been carefully designed to introduce you step by step to the theory and practical applications of Voice Dialogue. You can work through the material at your own speed, taking time to digest each new concept and practice before moving on. The basic program contains:

    • 7 video presentations providing a comprehensive introduction to Voice Dialogue
    • Preparatory tasks enabling you to get the most out of each presentation
    • 56 practical exercises putting the weekly themes into a personal, every day context
    • Access to a library of articles, videos, and MP3’s covering all aspects of Voice Dialogue
    • A monitored message board where themes, issues and questions can be shared and discussed

    E-learning Plus

    Choose this option and, in addition to the Basic Program, you get:
    • One hour 1-2-1 consultation with John via zoom or skype to answer your questions and discuss the content as you work through the Online Program
    • A copy of John's latest book, Selves in Action


    Participants are eligible for discounts on Voice Dialogue UK workshops and private sessions!









    What is Voice Dialogue?

    We're all made up of many different "selves" or parts - some we know well, while others we keep hidden in the shadows. On this 7 module Voice Dialogue Online Program, you will meet some of your inner cast of characters - for example, your Pusher, Pleaser, Perfectionist and Inner Critic. You'll discover the influence that each of them has in your life as well as the gift that every one of them brings.

    As you learn about your many and remarkable selves, you will also discover a place of balance and authority where, like an orchestra conductor or an inner CEO, you take charge of them instead of having them take charge of you! >>>


      Basic Program:


      E-learning Plus:



      John Kent introduces the Voice Dialogue Online Program




      Understand the influence your Inner Critic has on your life.

      Find out how to increase your confidence and self-esteem.



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