Welcome to the Voice Dialogue Online Program Help

Getting Started

1.  Click Module 1 on the bar and you will be able to access all the materials for this module.

2.  Below the introduction to the module's theme you will see a menu. Click on Preparation and the title of an exercise will appear. You can open this in a separate tab or download it to your computer. It is recommended that you do the preparatory exercise before watching the Presentation.

3.  When you have done the preparation click Presentation on the menu to see and hear John introduce the module's topic in detail. The presentation will appear in the video box. You will be able to enlarge, pause and review it as you wish.

 4.  After listening to the presentation - or at any time you wish - you can post a comment or question by clicking Chat on the menu. You will be able to read what others have written under this module. If you want to read the chat for all modules, click on the green Chat icon at the top of the page. Here you can choose for which module you wish to read comments - just click the boxes for the modules you require.

5.  Under Journal Exercises you can access the 8 practical exercises to help you deepen your understanding of the module theme. Click on an exercise to open it. Type in your answers in the box(es) below and click "save" if you wish to come back to it later and review, amend or add to it. If you click "complete" it will save your entry to your Journal and remove it from your to do list. A tick will appear in the box next to the completed exercise.

Once your have completed the 56 exercises for all 7 modules you can download them formatted as a single pdf journal. NB Your entries are totally private and only you can view, amend and download them.

If you prefer not to complete the exercises online you can download them as a pdf from the Resources section of each module and print them out.

6.  In Resources you will find further reading, viewing and listening related to the module theme. To get an overview of all the available resources click on the yellow Resources button at the top of the page. You can access any of the materials directly from this page.

7.  We recommend that you take your time to explore, understand and complete the exercises for each module in sequence before moving on to the next one. However, all modules are available at any time by simply clicking on the module bar.

8.  To view these instructions at any time click on the blue Help icon at the top of the page.