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John Sidra & Hal Do you ever hear yourself say, "A part of me....", as in:

“A part of me wants me to tell people exactly what I think, but another part is scared I’ll upset them and stops me from saying anything at all."

On radio and TV you will often hear people using expressions like: "A part of me", “I push myself”, “I’m in two minds”. Ads are constantly encouraging us to develop our inner Warriors, Lovers, Geeks, Adventurers - and more! In each of these words and phrases there is an implicit acceptance that we are all made up of many different parts or “selves.”

In the late 1970's, ground-breaking therapists, Drs Hal & Sidra Stone, developed an amazing and highly transformational approach to personal growth called Voice Dialogue. This safe and simple process enables you to tune in to your different selves and allow their voices to be heard more clearly and distinctly.

Being able to listen objectively to parts of you like your Pusher (that continually drives you to achieve and accomplish), your Pleaser (that wants you to be nice to others all the time), or your Inner Critic (that reprimands you for every mistake you make) gives you the freedom to choose whether to act on their imperatives or not.

The Voice Dialogue process is revealing, liberating and deeply healing. It puts you in the driving seat, so you get to make more considered choices in your personal life, your work life and in decisions about your health and wellbeing. The result is a more balanced, richer and fulfilled life.

"Selves or parts are constantly operating in everyone. Voice Dialogue gives us a chance to recognise them, to name them, to understand them and work with them creatively. When we use Voice Dialogue, we are becoming sensitive to the dramas played out by these selves."

Dr Hal Stone

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